Puppies are expected again in the spring of 2019

We live in a typical Danish house, in a typical Danish neighbourhood: The cars drive past our house, the kids run around playing, other dogs bark, and the mowers mowe the lawns. Inside the vacuum cleaner and the hairdryer are regularly turned on, together with the telly, the washing machine and the other noises of everyday life in the suburbs.

Furthermore, I let the puppies listen to the sounds of fireworks, gunshot, and lightning via a CD to de-sensitise them.

When the puppies are three days old, I start a special socialisation programme, which is developed by American scientists. Each puppy is gently turned upside down and has its paws stimulated with a small swab, and finally it is placed briefly on a piece of wet cloth. This programme lasts until the puppies are 16 days old.

When the puppies are three to four weeks old, they go to the “Puppies’ Playroom”, which is a room decorated entirely according to their needs with lots of toys and different things. Of course, they also get to be with me in the living room during the day.

Seven weeks old they go to the beach and to the main streets of Kalundborg where they also visit the train station. They also get used to going by car.